Tuesday, February 23, 2010

T-shirts anyone?

I'm thinking of having a few t-shirts made. I made a few mock-ups, and would like to know which one you all like best, as well as what colors you'd like to see it in. Also, If anyone has any advice about where to have these shirts made up, I'd be greatly appreciated.


Tom Valente said...

Hey man! These are great. I think I would go for "A" out of all of them; I like the off center/wrap around design. And you can check out this place to make the shirts: http://www.thet-shirtland.com/custom_printed_tshirts_mix.htm.

I haven't used them but I know Mike and Jessie & Chris used them and they were happy with the results.


Jon Roscetti said...

I hear that wrap around is more expensive though. I like "D", myself, which is the same, but not wrapped around, and slightly off the center. Flack suggested navy blue, with white ink. Any thoughts on color?

Jon Roscetti said...

Actually, the image is a tad smaller on "D".

Anonymous said...

I like T-shirts C and D and I like the idea of Navy Blue and white ink, I also think white shirts w black ink will look pretty stellar too! Any way u decide, tell me how much so I can buy some :) Erika